Drink Me

A Journey Through Festivals, Friendships, and Unforgettable Experiences

A feverish boredom has washed over me.

  With the frustration in the job market consuming the population and lack of quality conversation filling the potent air, a beacon of light seems magnetic.


For me, it was hard to ignore the white rabbit, the “Traveling Bartenders” Facebook group.

The outreach for gigs nationwide, offerings of a carpool or place to stay, and sense of community crafted a burning curiosity.

It was nothing short of remarkable to see bartender after bartender working at festivals, concerts, assorted venues, and everything else in between.


I jumped down the rabbit hole. “Join Group”.

Sophia, a top contributor to the group, says, “I’ve gotten so many amazing gigs; festivals I’ve been wanting to attend for years but couldn’t afford and bartending made it a reality for me.

I’ve been in the industry for years and always wanted to dip my toe into bartending.

When I met my friends who put me onto the group, I realized my two loves could mesh together into something so worthwhile and beautiful for me.

I love making people happy, and I love music. 

Travelers 1

Travelers | Image by Travelers

There’s nothing I love more than making a sick drink and listening to sick music.”

Formulated five years ago, “Traveling Bartenders” is endless support and true bewilderment.

As the title suggests, the page is concocted for those traveling and looking for work. As well as those who have work and are looking to hire riddle the group.

The purpose of connecting with peers, helping, aiding, and supporting friends and strangers alike resonates through each scroll.

It almost overflows with fondness and care for one another.

Some members even offer accommodations, generously letting others sleep in their living rooms or spare rooms, embodying a sense of community and generosity. With nearly 30,000 members, the crew is steadily growing the community.

Poster 2


They are indeed a friendly party assembled within the page. It seems quite natural to find yourself talking familiarly with them as if knowing the group the entirety of life.

A stranger looking in might even feel like part of a family. Another top contributor, Logan, mentions,

“I have met some of the greatest people through the group and stay in contact even when it’s festival off-season. So far, the group has been an asset and has helped me gain confidence.”

Weariness can also be subsided here for those wisely cautious about this lifestyle due to the connections tool built into Facebook.

“The group has been super helpful when it comes to teaming up with other travelers.

It can get expensive…most companies don’t cover the cost of travel and lodging…keeping the cost down means traveling and lodging with people you haven’t met before.

I use the group as a tool to make sure someone I do know can vouch for the integrity of anyone new joining me in my travels.

If someone I know and trust in the field can’t vouch, then I won’t proceed to travel with them…you gotta be careful,” Allyson, a member for over three years, says.

Nyc Pride

Nyc Pride | Image by Nyc Pride

Through this tucked-away social media platform, many began again. Within the confines of the phone screen and the helping hands of others, it’s no longer dark overhead.

Doors unlocked and the wondering of how to get out into the world vanished. Tiffany, a member for the past two years, emphasizes the networking opportunities that she found on the page.

Without which, many opportunities would not have been within her grasp.

A few have utilized the opportunities and work to fund their own business, opening food and/or beverage trucks to travel to venues at their leisure.

Many members have even found themselves as VIPs at several large-name music festivals after working and forming connections.


Cma | Image by Cma

Logan adds, “I got my first invite to a festival by jumping on a staffing call for SoHo. It ended up being for Inkcarceration.

The group has been super helpful as long as you are willing to put in your own research.

Getting to work in a live music setting is honestly a dream. [The group] is an asset to anyone looking to get into the traveling bar scene.

There are so many doors for me with working other festivals and networking. I only wish that I had found the group sooner!” What a perfect fit.

You, too, could find yourself within the page. 

This could be the new beginning; your wonderland. Explore, follow, set forth, and meet travelers on your way. Curious, fantastical adventure awaits.